Nurturing The Need For Rest

Yin / Restorative / Fertility / Slow Flow Yoga In London



Coco’s classes offer a space that honours our need to slow down and practice true self-care in this modern world. Outside of the pressures of daily life, Coco encourages her students to give themselves permission to rest and find healing, clarity, calm and vitality through living (and moving) slowly and consciously. The yoga mat with Coco, becomes a place to re-connect with themselves and find balance in their lives.

A lover and qualified teacher of a slow, but strong Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Fertility Yoga and Restorative Yoga, Coco teaches both in studio and privately, offering the opportunity to dedicate time and space to focus purely on you.

Coco has been a student of yoga for 15 years and a teacher since moving to London from Australia in 2017 and has trained with Whole Self Yoga, Yoga Mama, The Yoga People and Bliss Baby Yoga.

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Restorative yoga uses props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, eye bags) to fully support the body into positions of ease to completely relax and nourish the nervous system. Flooding each area with fresh, nutrient rich blood and fostering a deep sense of physical and mental well-being.

A fully supported restorative yoga pose can be held anywhere between a few and twenty minutes.


Practised sitting or lying on the floor, yin yoga is a slower style of yoga to compliment our predominantly yang-fueled lives - if you run, exercise, take vinyasa flow classes, are a parent, work or just are a living breathing human (all of us I hope!) there’s no doubt you need yin.

Yin offers us deeper access to the bod, instead of holding for five breaths, in a yin class they could be held for at least 5 minutes getting deeper into the fascia and connective tissue with longer, static holds.


Using gentle flowing asanas, fertility yoga encourages blood flow and increased circulation and connection to the hips to the pelvic area, abdomen and heart. In combination with the breath, this helps release tension support the body and mind through times of stress, helping to regulate hormones necessary for conception and fertility. Using props, fertility yoga is a form of restorative yoga offered alongside specific guidelines on an appropriate practice to accompany pre-conception, the two-week wait and/or throughout all stages of an IVF cycle.

The intention of fertility yoga with Coco is to feel entirely supported, nurtured and cared for. Coco creates a safe space to re-connect with your body and re-discover an energetic, emotional and mental balance at whatever stage of your fertility journey.

Vinyasa Slow Flow

A style of Vinyasa Flow, Coco chooses to find strength, confidence and alignment through a slower, more mindful practice. We connect accessible yoga postures with breath and fluid movement in a well-rounded practice. Finding awareness in each pose and allowing your breath to take you deeper, slow flow classes help you find the space between poses while still retaining the gentle rhythm of a flow yoga class.

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Just had to reach out and ask where else you teach? Your class was by far one of the most memorable that I’ve taken in a long time. I felt so connected with my breath and body and left feeling both energised and relaxed...the little massage at the end in savasana was the icing on the cake
— Nikki, London
Coco made me see the value in a restorative practice and finding time (or creating she would tell me!) for rest within my day. I feel so relaxed and deeply connected to my body after each class. Like my tank has been refueled to face the real world again.
— Deidre, London
I couldn’t be more grateful for Coco and our private classes together. Coco holds a safe space for me to go through what I need to each week and does so with such grace and warmth. It’s a welcomed break from the stress and sterile nature of the rest of my journey.
— Anna, London
I want to say thank you so much for this afternoon. I found exactly what I came looking for and I really appreciated your openness and honesty.
— Elizabeth, London


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